Others are dreaming of a very nice wedding because this is the only time that they can put their friends and family members together. This is the perfect time for them to see the smile on the faces of their guests. It is also difficult for you to convince others to come to your wedding because of their schedules. It is really nice to plan this one deeper so that you can always have the other options whenever others are not available to attend your wedding. You have to wait things as well and shouldn’t be mad at them. Whenever there is a chance that they cannot go to your special day. 

Of course, it is normal that others would think of an extravagant type of wedding such as Hawaii wedding. You can always choose the venue of your wedding, as it will give you the theme that you want. There are chances as well that there will be limited guests and visitors for your wedding because of the venue. This is one of the reasons why authors would really want to know the venue or the place where they can have their wedding so that they can prepare for the exact number of people who will be going to the wedding. 

You also need to check your budget if you can afford to invite everyone. You ring that time. There are instances that it will be difficult for you to assess the situation as there are different people who will bring their kids or their partners. Because you just have a limited number of guests and you have to be strict with your invitation and you have to inform them that they cannot bring anyone with them. It is hard to predict the number of people and the capacity of the venue as well. 

If you have your dream venue, then you have to call them and ask for the possible number of people that can fit in. You can also make a list of the people that you’re going to invite, such as the family members, your friends, and even your acquaintances. In this way you can eliminate those people that you really don’t need to invite and avoid adding expenses to your budget. There are some people that they don’t want to invite the kids so that it cannot ruin the party’s mood and theme. You just have to inform your guests that this is one of your rules because you just want to have the best day of your wedding. 

It is not going to be easy for you, especially that you have a lot of friends. This is one of the reasons why you need to make a draft so that you can edit and try to choose the best people that you’re going to invite. There were tendencies as well that others would invite their guests to their reception area only. It is nice, so that there won’t be any crowd or a lot of people during the ceremony.